☆Reason Number 4☆

Our Stoves are Way Better

The stove is the heart and powerplant of the tub. In the eighties, Doc Hollis owned an aluminum design and fabrication plant and became interested in hot tub stove design. He studied and tested the popular designs on the market, and made improvements in efficiency, user friendliness, size , shape and safety features until he was satisfied that his final design was the finest there was. Our stoves are larger and heavier, start easier, heat faster,draw better, are easier to clean,and develop far fewer ashes than any other.Plus, we WARRANTY OUR STOVES FOR LIFE! That is how confident we are with our stoves!

In “New Pictures” you will see a side by side comparison of our stove and a Snorkel stove where you can easily see the design, size and heating mass difference between us. Our stove is like having a big V8 in your car when you are trying to pass a semi on the interstate! After all, heating water FAST is what Wood Fired Hot Tubbing is all about, and we are the fastest there is, because we don’t scrimp on the design.The stove is the most important part of a Tub, and most competitors won’t even print photos of theirs! What does that tell you?

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