☆Reason Number 5☆

Our Floor Drain is Better


We have designed an ingenious floor drain that is a full 1- 1/2” opening (unlike other garden hose sized drains), which drains fast, and lets the occasional leaf or grass thru without clogging, is accessible from the outside wall of the tub, yet still drains below floor level for fast, complete draining, easy access, and easy rinsing. Plus, our drain fitting is threaded with standard PVC threads on the outside, so it’s easy to direct drainwater away from the tub , or attach valves if desired. Our drain and benches come standard and built in to every Tub we build, not offered as an option like others do.Our drain is unique to the industry and just plain works better.It is important that when you drain your Tub, you can get ALL the water out! Check out the others carefully, you will see the difference.This is another feature they do not discuss on their sites, and we know why. Now you do too!

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