☆Reason Number 7☆

We are a true Hot Tub Shop


We are a true Hot Tub Shop,and a proud family business, not a factory. Doc Hollis,with his wife Perriann and his three assistants carefully create and assemble every Tub and stove by hand and every piece is made right here by us. We are total experts in what we do and we build a superior product deliberately. We have no “employee turnover”. We know our product, and our competition, inside and out, and we know that our product is the best. We have no warehouses,no dealers or distributors, no middle men, no advertising department, and Hot Tubs are all we do.Although our shop is new and modern, it is still located on Willowdale Farm,family land that we also live on, in the beautiful White Mountains in northern New Hampshire . Although we build a lot of Tubs, we build every Tub as if YOU were our only customer!

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