☆Reason Number 10☆

We are the Original, AND Our Prices Cannot be Beat!


We designed the Doc Hollis Underwater Wood Stove over twenty years ago. And after building over TWO THOUSAND Tubs by hand, we are proud to be World Class expert handmade Tub builders. There are a couple of legitimate competitors to us in the world, and we want you to know who they are too, because we know that the more closely you compare us all, the more reasons you will have to choose to own a Dr. Hollis Tub, and you will be so much more pleased when you see the real bottom line price difference , in addition to the numerous quality advantages we offer. From the beginning, we have had the highest quality Tubs at the lowest prices, period.We have no gimmicks, no wholesalers,and we don’t play pricing games, like “sale prices” now only…we have the lowest prices to begin with, and keep it that way.That is our policy. Our packages are complete.Our Tubs are assembled.Our quality is the best there is. Indulge yourself for your health and happiness, you deserve it!

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